A Correspondent

KATTAPPANA: A survey of land, as part of the Forests Rights Act, will begin in the Munnar region of the Kanthallur and Marayur grama panchayats on Wednesday. Though a survey was launched earlier, it could not be completed due to opposition from tribals in some settlements.

A recent meeting of tribal leaders and officials convened by District Collector Ashok Kumar Singh at the Marayur panchayat hall had decided to restart the survey.

The Collector said that the tribal people had raised some doubts about the documents that would be given to them on the basis of the survey and the benefits they would get from them. He said that the Adivasis would be given title deeds and those having title deeds would benefit from various schemes implemented by the government for the welfare of tribal people.

Some Adivasis had raised concerns that the title deeds given to illiterate tribals would eventually reach non-tribals who would take the land on lease for purposes other than agriculture.

According to Mr. Singh, title deeds would be distributed after sealing all loopholes. Action would be initiated against those taking the land on lease or using it for purposes other than cultivation, he said, adding that all kinds of exploitation of tribals would be taken seriously. None other than tribal people would be allowed to use the land owned by them.