Special Correspondent

Kozhikode: Harita Sena (Green Army), a pro-farmer organisation, has alleged that the one-time settlement scheme of the Registration Department to collect stamp duty on land transactions registered in the past is unlawful.

At a press conference here on Monday, Harita Sena chairman T.V. Pradeep Kumar alleged that the scheme was unlawful as no charge of undervaluation of land deal could be considered valid as long as no government notification on the value of land had been issued. ‘‘Since there is no government notification on land value, how can one be charged with undervaluation at the time of registration of land deals? Mr. Pradeep asked.

‘‘So, it is unfair on the part of the government to collect money for land deals held in the past.

The government should refund the money collected so far in the name of the scheme,” he said.

Defending the demand for refund of the money collected so far, Mr. Kumar and Moidu Haji, treasurer of the Sena, said since there was no land value fixed earlier, land deals were registered in line with the decisions taken by officials of the Registration Department. ‘‘How could one be penalised for such action?'' they asked.

Stir threat

They said the Sena would mobilise people facing revenue recovery for an agitation. Till December 2009, the government had collected nearly Rs.33 crore as one-time settlement.

They said they could be contacted at their office in Vadakara or directly at Ph: 938871925.