Special Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: The former Chief Minister K. Karunakaran said here on Thursday that the Mullaperiyar issue had been pushed to the brink not due to lack of legislation, but because the Government did not have the will and boldness to implement the existing law.

Mr. Karunakaran said in a statement that it was the Government's primary responsibility to find a solution to the threat posed by the Mullaperiyar dam to over 30 lakh people residing in three districts. "No court will find fault with the State Government if it were to take action under the existing law," he said.

The Kerala Assembly had passed a legislation setting up the Dam Safety Authority to ensure the protection of dams. The Government has wide-ranging powers under this law to take action to ensure the safety of dams and those in office should be prepared to use the powers vested in the Government in an appropriate manner with the assistance and guidelines provided by technical experts.