Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The Kerala Water Authority Staff Association, affiliated to the INTUC, has requested the Government to ensure that the supply of drinking water be kept in the public sector.

In a statement issued here, P.D. Sarath Chandran, State secretary of the association, has urged the Government to prevent private agencies from entering the drinking water distribution.

He pointed out that the Kerala Water Authority was functioning with very limited means. The problems faced by the Authority were complicated further due to external factors, including litigations and protests against the implementation of major projects.

The re-directing of water supply to areas which are not originally included in the projects under political pressure as well as the mushrooming of the apartments owing to the real estate boom, which increase the consumption of water, add to the problems. He said that whatever are the shortcomings of the Kerala Water Authority, the entry of private agencies would create long-term repercussions, affecting the availability of drinking water to the majority of the public.