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Plans to revive indigenous farming to be formulated

Proposals will form basis of government document

MALAPPURAM: The banks of the Bharathapuzha at Kuttippuram will host a mega get-together of indigenous farmers from 18 panchayats in Ponnani, Kuttippuram and Tirur blocks on January 4.

The mega meet called ‘Nattukootta Mahasabha’ will be the first of its kind in the State. The meet is being organised by the Agricultural Department, in association with the local bodies.

Agriculture Minister Mullakkara Ratnakaran said at Edappal on Monday that the event would be an attempt to restore the lost farming culture of the 18 panchayats.

He said short-term and long-term plans to revive various indigenous farming practices would be formulated on the basis of the Nattukootta Mahasabha.

There would be no formalities for the meet. All the 18 local bodies had already held Nattukkottams at the panchayat level. As many as 3,000 farmers were expected for the Nattukootta Mahasabha. The opinions and directions formulated at the panchayat Nattukoottams would be presented at the mega meet. “The meet will be an attempt to take forward the best agricultural practices from the past without wounding the environment,” Mr. Ratnakaran said.

Mr. Ratnakaran will attend the Nattukootta Mahasabha, in which specific plans will be chalked out to protect all water resources, including rivers, the environment, agricultural fields and knowledge.

The Department of Agriculture will quantify all the suggestions raised at the Mahasabha and they will be the basis of a future document to be brought out by the government, G. Sudarsanan, Principal Agricultural Officer, Malappuram, said. The meet will provide a platform for the young generation to interact with the older generation of farmers.