The Kundanoor Bridge, that links Kundanoor Junction on NH 47 Bypass with Thevara, will be out of bounds for vehicles for 20 days from Friday.

This is because the resurfacing works over the one-km-long bridge and the replacement of faulty expansion joints, being carried out by PWD (NH). Motorists will have to reach West Kochi, Thevara and Wellington Island, either through the city or through Aroor.

Back-breaking rides

The bridge’s tarred surface is being scooped out and resurfaced. This was necessitated because of the inferior quality of resurfacing done about a decade ago, following which major undulations occurred over the tarred surface.

The problematic expansion joints made matters worse. Motorists had to endure back-breaking rides. The deteriorating condition of the bridge surface also led to accidents.

“Though the resurfacing work might take up to 30 days, we hope to open up one lane to traffic within 20 days. Replacing the 17 expansion joints requires curbs on traffic along both lanes. Even two wheelers are not being permitted over the bridge since bitumen will be heated at 300-degree centigrade,” said a senior PWD official.

Bituminous layer

Once the existing tarred surface is scooped out, a mastic asphalt layer will be laid over the bridge’s concrete top. This will be followed by a bituminous macadam and bituminous concrete (BMBC) layer.

The one-km-long bridge will be closed for traffic for 20 days.