Revenue requirements, power tariff hike

: The Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Authority (KSERA) has decided to complete the public hearing on the Kerala State Electricity Board’s (KSEB) petition on its revenue requirements and power tariff revision for 2013-14 this month itself.

Accordingly, the KSERA will hold its public hearing in Kochi on March 4 at the IMA hall at Palarivatam, March 6 at Town Hall in Kozhikode, and on March 12 at the Institute of Engineers in Thiruvananthapuram.

The main issue that would come up at the public hearings is with regard to tariff revision for various categories of consumers.

The KSEB petition had sought a change in the telescopic slab for all categories of domestic consumers ranging from Rs. 1.65 a unit for those consuming electricity up to 40 units to Rs. 6.75 a unit for those consuming up to 300 units.

For industrial consumers, bulk industrial consumers and non-industrial consumers, the KSEB has asked for a 19 per cent hike in power tariff.

In addition, it had suggested a 20 per cent tariff hike for Railways, 20 per cent hike for streetlights and 20-33 per cent hike for agriculture.

Over and above this, the KSEB had also demanded a raise in wheeling charge and surcharge on bulk consumers for power directly purchased from outside, not to mention rationalisation of rates for village offices, treasury, software companies, and private hospitals.

The board had projected a 6 per cent increase in power consumption during 2013-14, as a result of which the power demand would go up to 21,657 million units.

It had also projected power availability of 9,816 mu from Central thermal plants, over and above the 1,579 mu from thermal plants using naphtha and LSHS and the 3,628 mu purchased from the power exchange.

It had pointed out that it would have to pay Rs.6,673 crore or 60 per cent of the total revenue expenditure of Rs. 11,237 crore on purchase of power, while 23 per cent or Rs. 2,251 crore would be incurred on payment of salaries and pension. It had projected a revenue deficit of Rs. 2,759 crore, of which a gap of Rs. 1,574 crore needed to be covered in 2013-14.

  • KSEB has sought change in telescopic slab

  • 6% increase in power consumption projected