Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala State Electricity Board has urged power consumers to reduce peak load in view of cut in power allocation from the Central pool.

The board said in an official release on Sunday that the consumers should avoid misuse of electricity and avoid use of fridge, mixer, iron, water heater, pumps and motors between 6.30 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Allocation from the Central pool to the State has been cut by 75 MW for 15 days from Sunday. The board was trying to avoid imposition of restrictions.

The peak load touched 2,792 MW on Saturday whereas the capacity of the system is limited to 2,800 MW to 2,900 MW. Restrictions might become necessary in case of failure of any generator or increase in load.

Plea to withdraw cut

The KSEB Officers Association on Sunday protested against the reduction in Kerala’s share of electricity from the Central pool and demanded that the cut be withdrawn.

The association said in a statement here that the cut of 75 MW was unjustified. This reduction was in addition to the cut in the share from the unallocated portion of the pool from 165 MW to 11 MW over the past two years. The Centre had allocated 387 MW to Andhra Pradesh, 242 MW to Karnataka, 397 MW to Tamil Nadu and 61 MW to Pondicherry from the unallocated portion. This showed the extent of injustice to Kerala.

Association secretary B. Pradeep said the present unilateral cut was effected from 180 MW allocated from the Thalchar Power Project in Orissa in consolation for drawing high cost power from the Kayamkulam thermal station. This was a serious situation as Kerala’s share from both the unallocated and allocated portion was being cut. This was a challenge to the federal set-up in the country.

He noted that the reduction was also effected at a time when the load was increasing because of the hotter summer this year.