The district has been chosen as the venue for the sixth International Vedic Workshop. This workshop, the most prominent get-together of Indologists involved in the study of the Vedas from across the world, will be held here from January 7 to10 in 2014. This was the first time that the country would host such a workshop, convener of the workshop Vinod Bhattathiripad said. A website for the event was inaugurated here on Thursday. The previous workshops were held in the Harvard University, the U.S. in 1989 ; Kyoto University in Japan in 1999; Leiden University, the Netherlands in 2002; University of Texas, Austin, the U.S. in 2007; and the Centre for Eurasiatic and Afroasiatic Studies (CEAS), Bucharest, Romania in 2011.

Mr. Bhattathiripad said the forthcoming workshop in Kozhikode would focus on the Vedic texts and rituals; scholarly interpretation of Vedic texts; traditional performance of Vedic texts; Vedic traditions of Kerala such as recitation, texts, commentaries, and rituals, and their applications in Srauta, Grhya, and Tantra; general Vedic traditions of other parts of India and Nepal; and recent resurgence in interest in the field in the West.

The workshop committee had already called for research papers, internationally. A committee of international Vedic scholars, headed by workshop chair Prof. Michael Witzel (Harvard University), would make the final selection of papers to be presented, totally expected to be around 40 in number.

About 80 Vedic scholars from different parts of the world were expected for the event, he said.