To create platform to commercialise nanotech innovations

Kochi will play host to an international convention on nanotechnology next month.

Titled ‘Nanotech India 2010,' the annual conference and business meeting on nanotechnology will be held here from November 19 to 21.

The conference is aimed at bringing together industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to create a platform for discussion on the issues and opportunities that are vital in commercialising nanotech innovations. The event is being organised by Indian Society of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, in association with AG Nanotech Impex India Private Limited.

The areas of application of nanotechnology have been expanding in recent years. The impact of the cutting-edge technology has been significant in spheres such as medicine, industry, environment, agriculture, power and construction.

Technological advancements in nanotechnology have necessitated interaction between experts in the field and the industry. It would enable the industry to update the skills while providing key inputs to experts engaged in research and development.

The event is an attempt to place India on the global nanotechnology map, according to the organisers. The convention will fulfil the need to create awareness on the remarkable advancement of science, from theory to practical applications of nano-size particles.

The first convention was held in Kochi last year, in which several experts and scientists from across the world had participated.