Think of staging a play in the city, and your options are very limited. Theatre persons have long been complaining that the city lacks a professionally-equipped space for staging plays.

That does not mean the city lags behind in projects. At any given point of time, it has at least two projects pending for constructing a state-of-the-art facility for theatre.

One such project that is hanging fire is the space owned by the Kochi Corporation where a theatre space named after master actor P.J. Antony has been proposed.

“The proposal is for constructing a cultural centre, not just a performing space. This will include all facilities for staging a play, a work area for artistes, a cafeteria and even a couple of rooms for short-term accommodation of guests,” said Chandradasan, leading theatre person, who was involved in the initial discussions on the project.

The previous council of the corporation had discussed the project threadbare, but it did not take off. At present, there is a building (which could be used as an office space, said Prof. Chandradasan) at the 2-acre plot.

“We have to realise that the art of theatre underwent a lot of change. Conventional prosceniums, which most often could easily be converted as marriage halls, fall short of requirements for staging a modern play,” said playwright and theatre director T.M. Abraham.