Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Industries Minister Elamaram Karim has alleged that the Kinaloor incident last Thursday was engineered by Solidarity workers.

He said this in a statement issued to the media on Wednesday, giving his version of the violent incident in which several people agitating against a road project and several policemen were injured at Kinaloor in Kozhikode district.

He said a majority of the people who obstructed the land survey for constructing a road to a new industrial estate at Kinaloor were not local people, but people organised from outside by the workers of the organisation called Solidarity.

There were also some workers of the UDF and the BJP.

In fact, a very large majority of the people of Kinaloor were in favour of the survey proceedings (since the road was for industrial development and job generation in a backward region). On the day of the survey, 46 families in the area had put up banners before their houses welcoming the survey proceedings. He said the agitators had put women and children in the front row of their demonstration and then unleashed attack on the police from the back row, using stones.