Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Government Medical College Teachers’ Association (KGMCTA) has condemned the government’s move to ‘penalise’ medical college doctors by extending the working hours in return for a revised salary structure, which had been long overdue.

The KGMCTA says any hike in pay pales into insignificance when the government has unilaterally decided to extend the working hours of doctors.

It pointed out that the medical college teachers had gone on strike demanding revised pay scales as the doctors had been denied salary revision for the past 13 years.

After offering a revised pay which should have been given to doctors long ago, it was unfair that the government should make it conditional on extended working hours and service conditions, it said in a statement.

‘Never discussed’

The issue of extending working hours was never discussed with the KGMCTA before the government chose to announce it.

The KGMCTA’s boycott of pay ward admissions will continue, it said.