Government Chief Whip P.C. George has called for immediate intervention by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the Mullaperiyar issue, stating that the Union government could not wash hands off its responsibility of mediating between arguing States.

Inaugurating a sit-in staged by the Kerala Congress (M) here on Monday, Mr. George said the people of Kerala had reached the limits of tolerance on the Mullaperiyar issue, and that life could not be taken further ahead with such fear and anxiety. The State government should issue immediate orders that its Public Works wing officials be kept on the ready to commence work on the new dam.

No time to waste

Stating that there was no time to be wasted in further talks between the States, Mr. George said the Tamil Nadu government too was responsible for the lives of the people in Kerala.

Moreover, if the dam was lost, Tamil Nadu too would suffer huge losses. It was up to the political leadership here to convince the government and eople of Tamil Nadu on this, he added. KC (M) district president Jacob Thomas Arikupuram presided over.