The population of the district has crossed 13 lakh, says the latest official report published after the 2011 Census.

The exact figure is 13,02,600 — 6,26,617 men and 6,75,983 women. The sex ratio is 1,079 women for every 1,000 men.

The growth rate of the population during the past 10 years was 8.18 per cent, an official release here on Saturday said.

The 2001 Census put the district's population at 12,04,078 — 5,88,083 men and 6,15,995 women.

The 1991 figure was 10,70,628 — 5,28,081 men and 5,42,547 women, with the male-female ratio standing at 1,000:1,027.

In the latest figures, there are fewer girls than boys in the 0-6 age group. Of the 1,49,280 children in the group, 76,149 are boys and 73,131 are girls, registering a male-female ratio of 1,000:960.