Mohamed Nazeer

Activities of radical organisations in district being closely monitored

KANNUR: The suspected exposure of some youths here to jihadi groups has acquired a disturbing dimension in the wake of the disclosure that one more youth hailing from Kannur was among the Keralites killed by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in an encounter.

A raid on the house here of a youth identified as Muhammad Fahiz (24), who was missing since September 10, by a team led by District Superintendent of Police S. Sreejith on Sunday, drew the public here to the possible reality of more youths being exposed to jihadi ideology.

Though the police were yet to officially confirm it, police sources said that he was one of the four suspected militants killed in Kupwara district in Jammu and Kashmir earlier this month.

Rich family

The entire posh neighbourhood of Muzhathadam, under the Kannur town police station, woke up to reports that a young man from a rich family in the area was all likely to be among the Malayali militants killed in Kashmir.

The police raided the house ‘Arafa’ for more than two hours and questioned his parents.

The death of Muhammad Fayaz (22) hailing from Maidanappally here had already been confirmed by the special investigation team.

The police team raided the house of Fayaz on October 23 to confirm his identify before officially announcing that he was one of the militants killed in the encounter.

In the case of Fahiz, the police confirmed that he was missing since September 10. Fayaz had also been found missing since that day.

NDF man’s arrest

The story of the disturbing exposure of some of the youths to the jihadi ideology has started unravelling with the arrest of National Development Front (NDF) worker Abdul Jaleel from his residence at Kadachira a few days back.

The arrest of C. Faisal from Andathode here on Saturday has raised the suspicion about the penetration of radical jihadi outfits in some parts here.

In the wake of these developments, which lend credence to the public concern about attempts to radicalise Muslim youths, the activities of radical organisations here are being closely monitored.

Police sources said that quite a few outfits in various names were operating in some parts here.

Same ideology

Refusing to name these organisations, they said that they were all driven by the same ideology.

The police were now trying to figure out the number of youths missing from these areas over the past few months, the sources said adding that more young people from here could have been ‘recruited’ by the jihadi organisations.

The suspected links between a few of the youths and jihadi militancy have also triggered feelings of shock and outrage in the people living in these areas.

People’s ire

A person from Muzhathadam here, who refused to disclose his name, said that people like him living a quiet and peaceful life in the area had been deeply disturbed by the latest disclosures regarding the deaths of the youths from the State in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that it was frightening to think that jihadi organisations could brainwash the youths.