IT boom has changed the fortunes of Kakkanad, as it was Cochin International Airport was for Nedumbassery. Nedumbassery took huge strides towards development along with CIAL and Kakkanad is following the suit

It happened in several major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad . And now it’s the turn of Kochi to follow suit. Yes, this time around, the real estate boom in Kochi is for real and is here to stay. The prices of land, villas and apartments have gone up significantly and in certain areas it has even toppled the expectations of all. In spite of the prices having gone up steeply, hectic activities in every aspect of realty business is taking place, especially in places like Kakkanad and of late in and around Nedumbassery. As is evident in every respect, it is the IT sector that has worked as a catalyst for the entire construction sector. This apart, a number of mega industrial projects that are expected to come up centering Kochi have also inspired many to take a plunge into the construction scene in Kochi .

Due to a number of favourable factors, Kochi is fast becoming an important IT hub in the country. And in Kochi it’s Kakkanad that’s hogging all the limelight. With several IT and ITES companies having already come up in Kakkanad more such players are planning to make Kochi as one of their predominant operational centres.

Finding a very prospective market, several nationally renowned realtors have also joined the existing city-based builders with plenty of projects. All these have further enhanced the fortunes of not only Kakkanad but also several other areas surrounding it. In the real estate segment, if one is to evaluate the growth rate, it would not be difficult to find that most of the towns enveloping Kochi have witnessed amazing growth in more ways than one.

For instance Nedumbassery which, till the other day, was rather a sleepy village is now in the midst of hectic construction activities. Several projects have been announced centering Nedumbassery and according to market men more are in the offing. They are working overtime to meet the ever spiraling demand for quality housing and in the process; the skyline of this otherwise rustic region is witnessing a revolution in the true sense of the word. Factors like huge growth prospects, serene ambience, easy availability of drinking water and good connectivity are just some of the reasons that are prompting people to buy properties in places like Nedumbassery. Realising the immense potential for growth, several leading builders have announced their upcoming projects centering Nedumbassery.

And in the process, the fortunes of the entire region surrounding Nedumbassery will take a turnaround in near future. For more reasons than one, Nedumbassery surely is going to be one of Kochi ’s trump cards in the days to come.

Taking a definite cue from the likely developments that will take place in future in and around airport, numerous housing projects are in the offing. And if the responses to the already announced projects are any indication, the future looks too bright. IT boom has changed the fortunes of Kakkanad, in the case of Nedumbassery it‘s the presence of the Cochin International Airport.

The CIAL having become one of the busiest airports in the country in terms of both traffic and turn over, the entire region of Nedumbassery and its neighbourhood areas are on a fast developmental track today.

It is believed that in almost all spheres of entrepreneurship like housing, information technology, healthcare and tourism, Nedumbassery has immense growth potential in its fold. Resultantly, along with Kakkanad, Nedumbassery is also fast turning out to be the fountainhead of all developmental activities in the city.

With the pendulum of fortunes increasingly swinging in its favour not only Kakkanad but also Nedumbassery is all set for a great take off.