For people like Shameer, who sell fruits using a roadside cart, it is primarily a question of making a living. He has been shunted from place to place at the various phases of road development in the City.

Nawaz, a vegetable vendor, has the same thing to say about the profession from which he has earned a living over nearly a decade.

If he is driven away from one place he adjusts to a new place, but without being a problem for pedestrians or general flow of traffic, the vendor says.

Not all vendors are like him. Some of them do not care about the hassles they cause to pedestrians and motorists.

Many vendors who have been part of the city for many decades must be rehabilitated, says the District President of Small Scale Merchants' Association T. M. Abdul Waheed.

“We do not give membership to vendors who encroach into public places.”

A spokesman for the Kerala Merchants' Union said that they have been accommodative of temporary stalls on the Broadway for a long time and took action against them only when they disrupted normal business.

Mr. Wahab said that vendors at the Fashion Street or Museum Bazaar could not be totally neglected because they have been part of the city for over two decades.