Schoolchildren attending `Balasangamam-2007,' a vacation camp organised by the Kollam unit of Kerala Gazetted Officers Association, were thrilled to meet four-year-old kid elephant Lakshmi. B. Aravind, technical expert to the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said the programme was aimed at developing a better relationship between captive elephants and humans. The programme was organised jointly with the SPCA.

He said ignorance about the behaviour of captive elephants was the prime cause for untoward incidents during festivals featuring elephants. Captive elephants are neither domesticated nor tamed. They should be handled or approached with caution, he said. As the children gathered around the kid elephant, Dr. Aravind explained to them the characteristics of an elephant, complete with its functions. They listened in rapt attention, thrilled to learn about the varied functions of the trunk, including sensing infrasonic sounds.