Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The media and the judiciary share the common interest of protecting and upholding democracy and the rule of law, said Cyriac Joseph, Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, here on Saturday.

He was speaking at a session on “Freedom of the Press in reporting — use and abuse” at a workshop on reporting of court proceedings and administration of justice for legal correspondents and journalists.

Mr. Joseph said judges and the media were natural allies. Whenever the freedom of press was infringed, the judiciary came to its rescue.

The media spiritedly defended the independence of the judiciary.

Their role in the political system was complementary and their path not of confrontation.

He said the judiciary and the media had the mutual responsibility of protecting the dignity and prestige of both the institutions. There need to be mutual respect too.

Mr. Joseph said there need to be accuracy in reporting, and facts, views and conclusions should be undistorted. While reporting, the media should exercise a sense of responsibility and discretion.

T. Meena Kumari, judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court; P.D. Dinakaran, judge of the Madras High Court; L. Nageswara Rao, senior lawyer, Supreme Court; Satyalaya Ramakrishnan, correspondent of UNI; and K.P. Mohan of Asianet spoke.