There is a Jana Seva Kendra functioning at the Corporation Office Building at Vyttila Junction. People depend on these centres for paying property tax, professional tax and various other payments. But, a long queue is a common here because of the shortage of staff. People have to wait for long hours for their turn as only one counter functions. Elderly people find it very difficult to stand in the queue for long. Will the Corporation improve the functioning and other infrastructure for the public?

— A. Ajith Kumar, General Secretary, EDRAAC

Mayor Tony


Yes, there is shortage of staff and this is affecting the normal functioning of this Jana Seva Kendra. We will take up this issue seriously. Steps will be taken to facilitate the smooth functioning of this centre so as to serve the general public in a much better way. We will also see to it that the facilities at the Jana Seva Kendra are improved so as to serve the elderly.

At present there is no bus stop between Panampilly Nagar and Kadavanthara. Since areas like Gandhinagar are frequented by people, especially to the Supplyco outlet. People get down from the running buses at the turning of GCDA office, Indira Gandhi Cooperative Hospital turning etc. This can cause accidents. People are able to get down from the moving buses because of absence of doors at the front and rear sides.

—T.S. Madhavan, Gandhinagar

City Police Commissioner K.G. James

The distance between Panampilly Nagar (Manorama Junction) and Kadavanthara is just below 500 metres. And since the road from GCDA turning to Kadavanthara is a busy road with heavy traffic, allotting a bus stop on this stretch will adversely affect the free and smooth flow of traffic. Hence, allotting a bus stop at the place will not be viable.

Once the construction of the Railway Over Bridge at Eroor begins, vehicles towards Vyttila will have to use the Kaniyampuzha Road. Even now motorists are taking this route to access Mobility Hub and Vyttila to avoid heavy rush at Petta-Vyttila Road. The narrow road will not be able to bear the heavy traffic at the time of diversion of vehicles at the time of construction of approach road and the ROB. If the road is widened the flow of traffic will not be affected.

—V.C. Jayendran, Eroor .

District Collector

P.I. Sheikh Pareeth

The Public Works Department has submitted a proposal for widening the service roads for facilitating smooth movement of vehicles.

Compiled by

K.K. Sankaran

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