Indian Union Muslim League national president E. Ahamed has full faith in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. He says Narendra Modi is not committed to the democratic principles of the country. Excerpts from an interview:

Question: Rahul Gandhi is widely criticised by the youngsters through the new media as childish. How do you rate him and his leadership?

Answer: Mr. Gandhi has been guided by the principles of the Congress. That’s the biggest advantage he enjoys over other leaders of different hues. If given the responsibility to lead the country, he will definitely live to the expectations of the nation. He is good. I’m sure he will deliver.

Q: How do you rate BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi vis-à-vis Rahul Gandhi?

A: Mr. Modi is a different kind of man with a different philosophy. There is little humanism in his perceptions. He is not a man who is committed to the democratic principles of the country. There is no comparison between the two. Muslims will be in constant threat under Mr. Modi.

Q: As a Minister in the outgoing UPA government, how do you evaluate yourself and the government?

A: The people have realised the great initiatives by the UPA government. Initiatives like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), the Right to Education (RTE), and the Right to Information (RTI) have gone down well with the people of the country. It has been the Congress which provided a national perspective and national policy. The national outlook of the Congress is strong enough to lead the future generations of the country.

Q: The UPA government is accused of failing to prevent corruption. What do you say?

A: The Congress took stringent action against those found to be involved in corruption. Do you think an alternative government could prevent corruption? The UPA government has been sincere in its efforts to stop corruption. How effective the measures taken by the UPA are to be watched in the context of administrative difficulties and legal hurdles.

Q: How satisfied are you in fulfilling your dreams and promises?

A: More than satisfied, in fact. None can be 100 per cent happy. For example, institutes like AIMS and IIT still remain a dream for Kerala.

Q: As a national leader of the party, what would you project during the current campaign?

A: The secular and democratic credentials of the party. It stands for communal harmony.