The Kerala Congress faction led by P.C. Thomas has urged the Chief Electoral Officer of the State to conduct an inquiry into the electioneering accounts of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) for the 2011 Assembly elections.

In a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer on Saturday, Kerala Congress secretary general George Sabastian said the All India Congress Committee (AICC), in the accounts it had submitted before the Election Commission, had shown that it had given IUML candidates in the 2011 elections a sum of Rs.2.40 crore for their campaign.

However, in the accounts submitted by the IUML, the receipt of this amount was not mentioned.

‘Laws flouted ‘

He alleged that the IUML had flouted the election laws by withholding the source of the money it had used for electioneering and not disclosing the entire amount it had received for the election campaign. He said all the IUML candidates who had won the election were liable to be disqualified as MLAs. He also urged the Chief Electoral Officer to disqualify the IUML as a party.