In recent years, water has always been the focal centre of debates. Water is perhaps that component in our life which we do not care to acknowledge until we experience a severe shortage of the same. And still, the availability of good drinking water is still a dream for millions of people of across the world.

Be it for drinking, cooking or bathing, we can not do without water. In fact, in every facets of human activity, we find that water plays a vital role. It is also said that, although one can live without food for over a month, without water one can only live for approximately one week. According to a United Nations estimate, about half the world’s population are likely to suffer from water shortages by the year 2025. This is because water resources are alarmingly dwindling and its demand is always on the rise.

The World Water Day that falls on 22nd March began to be observed since 1993 under the initiative of United Nations Conference on Environment and Development. And through celebrations, one is reminded of the great importance that water plays in our life.

The focus of World Water Day 2009 is on sharing water with a specific theme titled "Sharing Water - Sharing Opportunities” Even though, water is the most common substance found on earth, the fact is that only one per cent of the earth’s water is suitable for drinking. And factors such as pollution, reclamation, climatic changes etc are badly affecting the quality of remaining sources of water. And considering the growing demand for good quality water, experts are of the opinion that nations will have a tough time managing their water boundaries. In India , water disputes have made national headlines a number of times. However, tactical approach by the authorities concerned has ensured those in dispute to arrive at consensus and move along the path of cooperation by sharing water.