Cooking with ginger is becoming costly even before the start of Onam with the prices of ginger soaring to Rs.162 a kg this week. This is the third time in two months that the prices have gone up.

Farmers are viewing the sudden rise with caution. A similar boom back in 2011 is a lesson they cannot easily forget.

“Last year, I grew the spice on one acre of land but this time, I used only 50 cents for ginger cultivation,” says Ajith Lal, a farmer cultivating ginger for eight years now, in Nedumangadu.

Agriculture Department Assistant Director Sally V. Joseph said though there was a price rise the farmers were not very keen to take up commercial cultivation of ginger.

The high price for raw ginger has also affected its availability in the markets.

At the Horticorp outlet at Palayam, customers were stocking up ginger as many think the price would touch Rs.200 a kg.

  • Farmers fear an imminent price crash

  • Market price put at Rs.162 a kg