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Petition for action on CBI report recommending action against certain police officers

Petitioner says that after 12 years, the government is yet to act on the report

Kochi: A Division Bench of the Kerala High Court on Thursday issued notice to the State government and other respondent on a writ petition seeking action on a CBI report recommending action against certain police officers for their lapses in the investigation of the ISRO espionage case in 1994.

The alleged espionage case in the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) had surfaced with the arrest of a Maldivian national, Mariam Rasheeda, in Thiruvananthapuram in October 1994.

The case ended after the verdict of the Supreme Court in 1998. The Supreme Court had taken the State government to task for ordering yet another investigation by the State police after an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation found that the allegations of espionage were false and a court had ordered the release of all the accused.

The accused were two senior scientists of the ISRO and two Bangalore-based businessmen, apart from Mariam Rasheeda and another Maldivian woman, Fousia Hassan. The petitioner, J. Rajasekharan Nair of Thiruvananthapuram, said that the CBI had submitted the report to the Chief Secretary. He said that even after 12 years, the government was yet to act on the report. The attempt of the government and its officials was to hush up the issue without taking a final decision. According to the report, the espionage had never taken place and it was a concocted story by the media and high police officials for some ulterior motives. The CBI probe revealed that the accused were physically harassed and the IB official had fabricated evidence against innocent persons.