Is a family above poverty line eligible for disability pension?

My son is a cerebral palsy patient with 80% disability. My ration card is APL. While enquiring with the Chottanikkara grama panchayat, I was told that only BPL card holders are eligible for disability pension. I understand that if any of the person listed in the card is disabled the APL card will be treated as BPL. I request the District Collector to look into the matter and kindly clear the doubt whether the APL card will be treated as BPL in case a member of the card is 80% disabled.

--Simi Bency,


District Collector Sheikh Pareeth:

Categorisation of the Ration Card (as APL and BPL) was done after an extensive survey. But if the annual family income is as per the eligibility for BPL card, it can be converted to BPL.

As far as the disability pension is concerned, a family is entitled for two types of pensions – i) for the person concerned suffering from any kind of disability, and ii) for the mother or father who is looking after the disabled person. They can contact the District Collector, with the annual income certificate, for taking necessary action in this matter.

As per the Capital City Development Scheme 42 km of road in Thiruvananthapuram has been improved to world standards after spending hundreds of crores of rupees over several years. For this purpose a company named Trivandrum City Road Development Company was constituted. But the government is apathetic towards Kochi in providing enough funds for improving city roads despite the city contributing more than 50% of their revenue to the State exchequer . Would the Kochi Corporation take the initiative to demand fair share of revenue and similar scheme for the comprehensive development of infrastructure of the city?

-- Manoj K.P, Vyttila .


Tony Chammany

Rightly said Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala contributing heavily to State revenue. Its strategic location has enabled Cochin to emerge as the industrial capital of the State. A combination of various factors has been working to the advantage of the city, leading to a fast growth and development of this urban agglomeration.

For the roads the city has been receiving funds for the maintenance and construction of roads. In the previous financial year the Government of Kerala allotted Rs 33 crore to Public Works Department for maintaining and revamping the roads of this city. As part of the ongoing construction works of Kochi Metro many roads of this city has been revamped and revitalized by KMRL using BMBC method. Also the Kerala Plan Fund contributed Rs 27 lakh per ward for the maintenance and development of each ward in the last financial year. Apart from all these contributions, the corporation has been maintaining the roads of the city with its own fund. As a result, the roads in the city are in good condition and what I believe is the city needs fund not for maintenance or improvement of roads but for construction of road overbridges and land acquisition for road widening. We have requested the government to support the city in this regard and I have spoken to the Chief Minister of Kerala for allotting a special package for Infrastructure Development in Cochin city. We hope for a positive reply.

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K.K. Sankaran

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