The Kerala Electricity Employees Confederation (INTUC) has alleged that a scheme being implemented by the State government for distribution of compact fluorescent lamps is flawed.

The scheme is a variant of the Bachat Lamp Yojna (BLY) of the Union government, a fact being sidelined by the State government, according to general secretary M.S.Rawther.

He said at a press conference here on Saturday that the BLY scheme envisaged replacement of faulty CFL lamps within two or three years depending on whether the guaranteed life span of the lamp was 6,000 hours or 10,000 hours. The State government had distributed lamps having a life span of 6,000 hours, with a one year guarantee.

Guarantee period cut

Mr. Rawther alleged that the guarantee period had been reduced to half with a view to helping the private company from where the lamps were procured at Rs.95 crore.

He charged the government with betraying 75 lakh consumers through the unlawful activity.

He alleged that the government had colluded with the company, based on the inference that the average life span of a CFL was five to 20 months and that only very few lamps got damaged within one year. About 1.5 crore lamps were being distributed in the State under the programme.


He said the Union government scheme aimed at contributing to the efforts to reduce global warming and bringing down the prices of the CFL in the open market whereas the State government was misusing it. The State was not even mentioning about the BLY in the execution of the project, he said.

‘Black day'

The confederation observed ‘black day' on Saturday to mark its protest against the government move to stall wage revision of the State electricity board employees. The move to freeze dearness allowance was abandoned after the confederation took up a struggle, he said.

  • ‘Scheme variant of Centre's Bachat Lamp Yojna
  • ‘Aim is to help firm from where lamps are procured'