Special Correspondent

Kozhikode: Reservation norms were not followed at least in some appointments made to the government-owned Kerala House in New Delhi, according to information furnished by the Controller of the Kerala House in response to a request made under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

In the light of the information obtained in response to his request, Yuva Janata Dal State general secretary Salim Madavoor on Thursday demanded a Vigilance inquiry into all appointments made so far to Kerala House.

He said there was a strong case for entrusting the recruitment to Kerala House and Travancore House in New Delhi to the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Mr. Madavoor alleged that nepotism and corruption had taken place in the appointments since these were not being made by the PSC but by authorities who ran Kerala House.

According to the Government Order (MS) number 420/98/GAD/98, the Controller in Kerala House has the authority to make temporary appointments.

A number of appointments were made on the basis of this order in 1988 and 2006. However, the employees taken on temporary basis were later made fulltime staff.

“There is strong reason to suspect corruption and nepotism in these appointments. Reservation norms have also been violated,” Mr. Madavoor alleged.

Though Scheduled Caste communities were eligible for seven appointments, they got only two and the Muslim community got four instead of nine. In the appointment of telephone operators in December 2004, reservation rules were followed

. In line with the Government Order, one of the four posts of telephone operators was reserved for SC/ST communities.