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LDF Government urged to cut sales tax on petroleum products

KOLLAM: INTUC State president K. Sureshbabu has said that his organisation will not participate in the June 13 general strike called by the Left parties to protest against the hike in petrol and diesel prices.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Mr. Sureshbabu alleged that the strike was politically motivated and against the interests of the nation.

However, he said, the INTUC had already registered its protest against the fuel price hike. He called for the withdrawal of the hike.

Mr. Sureshbabu recalled that during the previous hike in fuel prices, the UDF Government had announced a slash in sales tax. The LDF too should do so if there was any sincerity in the protest against the price hike.

He also urged the LDF Government to announce the labour and industrial policies only after discussing the issues with the leaders of all reconginsed trade unions.

He said that the INTUC would continue to oppose the implementation of the Loading and Unloading Act 2002 enacted by the UDF Government.

Though enacted, the UDF Government was forced to shelve its implementation because of the pressure against it from the INTUC, he claimed. The Headload Workers Act 1978 was sufficient enough to deal with any atrocities on the part of the headload workers, he pointed out.