The former Supreme Court judge V.R. Krishna Iyer has implored the Prime Minister to take steps to stop the manufacture and sale of Endosulfan in the country.

In a statement here, Mr. Iyer wrote: “I disapprove of the Prime Minister's unfeeling indifference to the request of all the Kerala Ministers jointly requesting the ban of the dangerous and deleterious Endosulfan most harmful to human life. The Prime Minister's attitude is violative of the right to life of the Indian people and to continue the manufacture and distribution of Endosulfan is unfortunate and violative of Article 21.”

“I warmly support the protest of the Kerala Ministry with its simple request to save the people's life by banishing Endosulfan, a poisonous pesticide. It is shameful and shocking that India should be the largest consumer of Endosulfan while more than 63 countries, including the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, have banned it. I pray to the heart and the conscience of the Prime Minister to stop immediately the manufacture and sale of Endosulfan within the country or export.”