The Instrumentation Workers Union has said that the public sector company units in Palakkad and Kota (Rajasthan) are not making payments to the provident fund (PF) and gratuity of its employees since 2010, violating the statutory rules.

In a statement here on Thursday, the union said as per the information furnished by the company, it had to pay dues amounting to Rs.35.71 crore to the PF and Rs.33.05 crore as gratuity till January 24, 2012.

They had also to pay huge amount as interest to these dues, the statement said.

“No payment had been made after March 2010 to the PF and gratuity by the company. The workers and retired employees are in great anxiety as they are not getting loans from the PF and payment of gratuity after retirement,” the statement said.

Many of the retired employees did not get their PF and gratuity even after five months of their retirement, the statement said.

  • Union says firm has dues of Rs.35.71 crore to PF

  • ‘No payment made after March 2010'