Staff Reporter

KOCHI: A conference on higher education here on Monday organised by the All India Association for Christian Higher Education called upon the leaders of minority communities to continue their works in the field of higher education.

Dr. Mani Jacob, general secretary of the association, said that the conference also called upon the minority institutions to improve their image through transparent transactions and make the Government and public aware of the services these institutions are doing for the needy and the deprived sections of society.

At the same time, the conference appealed to the Government to ensure that these institutions were able to get adequate fees for their efficient running.

It pointed out that Article 8, clauses B and C of the new Kerala legislation on professional education violated the fundamental rights of the minority communities enshrined in the Indian Constitution. It also appealed to the Government to withdraw these clauses.

The conference urged the minority community leaders to resort to legal action to protect the rights of the minority institutions and, at the same time, continue the dialogue with the Government to find an amicable solution without sacrificing the fundamental rights.