More than 20 accidents in past 3 months

The development of Kottayam-Kumarakom road had been hailed as one of the major steps in linking the town with one of the most vibrant tourism destinations in the country, thereby helping the town to access the trickledown from the tourism industry. Unfortunately, the development has led to an increased number of accidents, many leading to deaths, the latest being the one on Sunday when two persons lost their life at Kannadichal.

According to records, more than 20 accidents have occurred on the stretch during the past three months. Many minor accidents have gone unrecorded. During the first two months of the year, seven persons have lost their lives in accidents on the road.

Danger zone

The death of a lady near CMS College when a car speeded into a crowd, the death of a man while standing on the culvert at Kumarakom junction, the killing of two persons when a car rammed into an electric post at Usman Junction, and the incident in which a pedestrian was killed at Kumarakom Vayanasaala Junction were the other major accidents on the road during the past two months. In addition there are cases of dozens of people suffering major injuries in accidents ever since the development of the road.

Unscientific way

One of the main reasons has been traced to the unscientific way in which the road has been developed. The straight stretch from Moonnumoola to Attamangalam Church has no speed breakers while the road, which is yet to develop in its full width, has no footpath in busy junctions.

However, the root cause in almost all the accidents were over speeding, either by travellers returning from Kumarakom, or those going to the backwaters on a holiday mood.

According to police, the cause of accident on Sunday was over speeding by the youth on the car that was moving towards Kumarakom.

Construction of speed breakers on straight stretches and increased vigilance on the part of authorities have been called for a safer journey on the Kottayam-Kumarakom road.

  • The straight stretch from Moonnumoola to Attamangalam Church has no speed breakers

  • Many minor accidents in the stretch have gone unrecorded