Parvathy Jayaram, who has many an unforgettable performance in Malayalam films to her credit, is back in the limelight — this time as a dancer. Parvathy spoke to the media at the Press Club ahead of her Mohiniyattom performance as part of the Nishagandhi Festival organised by Kerala Tourism on Sunday.

Continuously probed as to whether she planned to return to acting, Parvathy, while not offering a straight answer, stressed that she was still unable to spend long periods of time away from home and hence could not dedicate herself to a project of that sort.

When asked if she would accept an offer that would see her playing a powerful female lead in a movie, she merely laughed it off saying, “Don’t tempt me.”

“In cinema, I was very young when I got started and when I compare it with how I began dancing recently, I was not nearly as dedicated.

The approach to dance is different as I am putting in a lot more effort on my own by keeping myself physically fit and even going through books for reference,” Parvathy said, acknowledging the fact that she got recognition through films and “nothing can change that.”

She added that she was working on a larger project based on Mohiniyattom. After a 16-year-hiatus, the actor began dancing again purely out of interest.

“Three years after I returned to learning dance, my teacher insisted that that it would not do to simply keep studying. She said putting up a performance was a way to build confidence,” she said, referring to her mentor Kalamandalam Kshemavathi.

She described Jayaram’s career-graph as “fluctuating, with ups and downs, and no extremes on either side.”

On being asked how she would rate him on a scale of 1 to 10, she gave him a seven. “There is this particular set of roles that he is comfortable playing and they suit him,” she said.

She was all praise for the new generation of female actors in Mollywood. “They are confident and know exactly what to do whereas when I started, I was lost and I learnt along the way. I don’t have to give them any advice because they are doing brilliantly,” she said.