This year’s awareness class for school bus drivers held in the city on Wednesday prior to the reopening of schools was well received by the drivers.

The class was organised by the city police as part of the Our Responsibility to Children (ORC) project. To the surprise of police officials, helpers (conductors) too arrived along with the drivers for the class, which was held at Government UP School, Ulloor. Half the participants had to occupy the corridors, as the main venue was jam-packed.

Inaugurating the function, City Police Commissioner P. Vijayan said drivers should become mentors to the children.

“Everyone should remember that your own children might be travelling on a school bus driven by other drivers. If each of you responsibly ensure the safety of children in your vehicle just as you would for your own kid, our children can have a safe travel,” he said.

Officials from the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (Natpac) conducted a class on ‘how can you be a good driver.’ As part of the session, handbooks on defensive driving, police hand-signals, and safety tips for school buses during railway crossing were distributed. They were also issued pamphlets on the dangers of drunk driving.

Speaking to The Hindu , D. John, a driver from Christ Nagar International School with 40 years of experience, said that with ever- increasing traffic, such classes were necessary for even a seasoned driver like him.