In a proactive step, five students from the Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode (IIM-K) have come together to offer lifelong mentorship to 50 higher secondary school students from Malappuram district.

The students, who were selected during a one-day workshop organised as part of the Unnathi Project on the IIM-K campus on Friday, will get free mentorship from the IIM-K team throughout their education, career and other developments in life.

The team members comprising Akash Deep, Kanika Singhania, Namrata Basu, Rudra Radhakrishnan, and Sachin Maan shared that it was part of their attempts to empower the younger ones to be the leaders of the future.

“We believe that organising workshops alone will bring no benefits to the student community unless we are not sparing some of our valuable time for them,” they said.

Sachin Maan said ‘Unnathi’, a social development scheme they designed for students’ welfare as per the curriculum requirement, had been getting warm response since its launch.

“We are proud that the National Service Scheme too has come in support of this initiative,” he added.