IIITM-K steps into Big Data domain

Sets up data engineering lab to train students, professionals

Big Data, the term used to describe the capture and analysis of torrents of data created by the Internet and other sources of digital information, today represents a goldmine for governments, business establishments, industries, law enforcement agencies, and market analysts.

The potential of Big Data to identify business trends, predict and manage disease outbreaks, combat crime, evolve population health management strategies, and manage road traffic has contributed to its acceptance as a powerful tool for greater operational efficiency, cost reduction, and reduced risk.

In terms of volume and complexity, Big Data defies conventional database management systems and software tools, requiring instead, massively parallel software running on multiple servers.

Realising the critical importance of big data for business and society at large, the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IIITM-K) here has established a data engineering laboratory on its campus. The facility is aimed at developing a line of trained professionals equipped with the technological skills for Big Data management and analysis, says S. Asharaf, Associate Professor, IIITM-K.

“Conventional businesses like retail chains, banks, telecom operators, media houses and insurance companies, and government organisations which generate large quantities of transactional data through their operations are potential beneficiaries of Big Data. For example, the government may leverage big data projects to monitor and analyse the effectiveness of its expenditure on service sectors such as healthcare, education, and agriculture. However, the paucity of trained manpower hampers Big Data initiatives,” he said.

Terming the Big Data engineering lab a capacity-building initiative, M.S. Rajasree, Director, IIITM-K, said it was expected to open up job opportunities in various sectors.

Big Data is the deluge of data created by digital sources

Lab will open up job opportunities

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