Focus on land utilisation, environment conservation

Idukki district is preparing an Integrated District Development Plan (IDDP) for the next 20 years, focusing on protection of forests and environment while stressing on the importance of land utilisation.

About 23 departments, including agriculture, health, industry, animal husbandry, education, fisheries, and human resources development, have been identified as part of the implementation of the 12th Five Year Plan, District Panchayat President Alex Kozhimala said.

Mr. Kozhimala said that development projects implemented in various sectors in the past would be taken as a guiding principle for the plan, which had been in preparation for the past six months. The district was lagging behind in implementation of projects. The defects of the plans implemented in the past would be analysed, he said.

The IDDP would be implemented with the support of the three-tier grama panchayat and regional issues, including drinking water and irrigation facilities would be considered in the plan.

The IDDP would lay special emphasis on the many unique features of the district while implementing the plan. Unlike other districts, Idukki has wide regional disparities with the mode of cultivation differing in the High Range and Low Range areas.

The IDDP would try to implement viable means of land utilisation. In the agriculture sector, changing the crop cultivation patterns often resulted in poor land utilisation.

He said that the plan aimed at development at the grassroots, while considering public need and regional factors for implementing various schemes. The IDDP hoped to achieve all-round development, as various projects in the past were compartmentalised and their beneficiaries confined to a particular class of people, Mr. Kozhimala said. He said that lack of public participation had resulted in failure of some schemes and that the IDDP would address this. The projects will be implemented on the basis of a blueprint prepared by the departments and it would be reviewed, keeping in mind their viability.

Six workshops were held for the heads of the various departments. Each department has also prepared the development reports.

The IDDP would get its final shape by next month, Mr. Kozhimala said.

The district planning committee will prepare the projects under IDDP after consulting reports prepared by the special advisory group on the basis of studies and analysis of the projects for long term implementation, he said.

  • Plan to get final shape by next month
  • Drinking water, irrigation facilities to be considered