Expressing solidarity with the mounting protests against the proposed high-speed rail corridor project in various parts of the State, a local action committee, with the support of various residents’ associations in the city, will form a human wall from Kakkodi to Malaparamba on Sunday.

Action committee leaders said here on Friday that the protest would enlist the support of all political parties and socio-cultural organisations.

“We are not against any developmental project, but the government has the responsibility to ensure the protection of the people and address their concerns,” they said.

‘Poor to be affected’

Action committee leaders K. Shaji and N. Bhaskaran said the people living in the already surveyed high-speed rail corridor project area were very apprehensive of quick displacement as the government was going ahead with the venture.

K.C. Shobitha, Congress leader and city Corporation councillor, said the protest would be taken up by all political parties as it was a matter of concern for a large number of poor families.