The Assembly Committee on Official Language has recommended to the government against granting recognition for schools which do not teach mother tongue and make Malayalam education a qualification for recruitment to government jobs.

Committee chairman Palode Ravi and member E.Chandrasekharan told reporters here on Tuesday that punitive measures had been mooted against school authorities who refused to comply with the norm after getting recognition. Special consideration should be given for starting Malayalam medium schools and priority should be accorded to them for granting education aid.

On making Malayalam education a qualification for recruitment, a score should be fixed for interview and those who did not have the qualification should acquire it before completing probation. This should be included in the general recruitment rules and also special rules of various departments in a time-bound manner.

Legal studies should be made special subject at preliminary classes and it should be taught in Malayalam. Legal studies in Malayalam should be made optional. Legal proceedings in all courts should be made in Malayalam within a prescribed time.

About 0.05 per cent of the budget outlay should be set apart for enriching the language every year.

All offices should be separately intimated of the need for enriching the language and special head of account should be sanctioned for the purpose. The committee proposed a new Malayalam language legislation with adequate provisions to give legal backing for all such steps.