Banking operations are expected to face a slowdown next week with the two-day strike announced by the bank employees and a long line of holidays. The strike is slated for August 23 and 24, but the next day being a Saturday, the half-day schedule is bound to affect the pace of transactions.

The situation will be compounded by the holiday declared on Monday on account of Id-ul-Fitr and the State government employees’ strike on Tuesday.

As the Onam holidays begin on August 28, absence of several employees could be expected in banks on the previous day. A considerable number of bank employees could be on leave during the week in anticipation of the strike, festival and holidays in between. Consequently, the services are likely to be disrupted during the next 10 days or so.

Although ATMs will offer 24-hour services, heavy withdrawals during the festival season might render several among them cashless unless the replenishment takes place regularly. There have been instances of ATMs going dry on similar occasions in the past. Those who carry out transactions through cheques could be the worst hit. Kochi, the commercial hub of Kerala, with a lot of firms involved in export of commodities including perishables to foreign countries, could be at the receiving end.