Though the police have very limited control over the practice of putting up hoardings on the sides of roads and medians, the City Police may take steps to get the most obstructive ones removed, it is learnt.

The incident in which the official car of City Police Commissioner M.R. Ajith Kumar almost had a collision with another car at Marine Drive here on Friday morning has also been attributed to the obstruction of view by advertisement hoardings on the median.

The Commissioner's car was going towards his office at the Revenue Tower, when another car coming from the opposite direction took a ‘U' turn at Menaka Junction.

The driver of the Commissioner's car stopped the vehicle just in time to avoid an accident.

“The City Police have already forwarded suggestions to bring down accidents. This includes construction of humps along service roads at 4 metres off the entry point to the main road and increasing visibility at junctions. Removing hoardings that obstruct vision of drivers is also part of this suggestion,” said Mr. Ajith Kumar.