The Santhigiri Ashram, in cooperation with the State Horticulture Mission, has started an open precision vegetable farming project at its Kottarakara branch.

Precision farming requires very little water, fertilizer and land area. The initial step is to prepare the land in multiple layers of 60 cm width and 45 cm height. Then bio-fertilizer is added, which is made from dried cow dung, coconut husk, earthworm compost and rock sand.

Drip irrigation

Pipelines are laid for drip irrigation and the area is covered with mulching sheet made of less than 30 micron plastic sheet. This will keep the temperature and moisture of the farm controlled. There will be no problem of weeds in this farming method.

According to a press release, initially the ashram is cultivating beans.

In connection with the project, the ashram is organising a training programme in hi-tech farming for famers on March 23.

K. Pratapan, Managing Director, Horticulture Mission, will inaugurate the programme.