Staff Reporter

KOCHI: A Highway Safety Alert Committee has come into being in the district, with K.G. Venugopal, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Control Room, inaugurating the first meeting of the committee at the Kalamassery Municipal Town Hall near here on Wednesday.

The committee has been formed on the instruction of the State government. The committee will include police officials on duty along highways, officials from Departments of Public Works, Health, Revenue and Local Self Government, representatives of school and college principals, parent-teacher associations, trade unions, autorickshaw, bus, lorry and taxi drivers, ambulance service providers and hospitals.

The committee would identify accident-prone spots on highways and find ways to reduce accidents, have pre-paid taxi and autorickshaw facilities in place, conduct awareness classes for taxi and autorickshaw drivers, pedestrians, students and two-wheeler riders and evolve schemes for safe travel of women and children.

Kalamassery Municipal Chairperson V.M. Arifa presided over the first meeting of the committee. Baby Vinod, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic; V.K. Sanil Kumar and V.R. Jayaraj, circle inspectors; Sunilal, deputy tahsildar; Abdul Hamid, Regional Transport Officer; sub-inspectors, officials representing departments concerned and representatives of residents’ associations, hospitals, trade unions for drivers and public transport employees attended the meeting.

The public can send their suggestions and remarks on the issue of traffic safety along highways, to the Convenor, Highway Alert Committee, Police Control Room, Kochi.