17,191 cases pending as on December 31, 2011

Despite the holding of claims settlement adalats and augmenting their strengths, the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunals (MACTs) are still bursting at the seams with a large number of pending cases.

As per information provided under the Right to Information Act, as many as 17,191 cases were pending before various MACTs as on December 31, 2011, including those pending from the year 1989.

The information was provided by the High Court to a person who sought it under the Right to Information Act. As many as 9,750 cases were pending between 2003 and October 31, 2012.

Additional MACTs

As many as 23,129 claim cases were filed during the period. The State had 17 exclusive MACTs. These apart, many Additional District Courts had been conferred with the powers of additional MACTs.

The High Court could not provide the information regarding the total number of compensations awarded by various tribunals.

The information seeker had been told that the total claims awarded or settled was not available.

No consolidation was available on the basis of the award (settled/unsettled) or the amount awarded.

She was also told that documents related to judicial proceedings could not be provided as they had been exempted from disclosure under rule 12 of the Kerala High Court (Right to Information) Rules, 2006.

The Public Information Officer of the High Court also informed her that the numbers of execution petitions pending before the tribunals were not available in a consolidated form.

  • State has 17 exclusive MACTs

  • 17,191 cases

    pending as on

    December 31, 2011