Says high number of FIRs indicate health of system

Better public awareness, efficient policing, and readiness to accept and register complaints are the reasons behind Kerala emerging on top in terms of offences coming under the ambit of the Indian Penal Code for 2012, senior police officers have said. (The figures were released by the National Crime Records Bureau recently).

Kerala’s top position should be seen as the strength of the State police, Additional Director General of Police A. Hemachandran told The Hindu.

Herculean task

Registration of first information reports (FIRs) is a herculean task. In other parts of the country it was a rather slow process, but, in Kerala, the statistics said, the police was always ready to register FIRs, he said.

The State police was also registering suo motu a good number of IPC cases and in 2012 more than 2 lakh cases pertaining to drunk and rash driving were registered across the State.

A large number of cases were registered against consumption of alcohol in public places. All these contributed to the number of cases going up, he said.

On Kochi topping the IPC crime rate among cities in the country, City Police Commissioner K.G. James said it was a positive indication.

It showed that the Kochi police were acting and more and more people from the city were coming forward to report crimes, Mr. James said.

The figure indicated the number of cases registered by the police.

Crimes against women

The police had suo motu registered a good number of IPC cases, including 18,400 cases under Section 279 of the IPC for rash driving, he said. Criminal cases had come down in the city. Crimes against women in Kochi during 2012 were the lowest among the five cities of the State.

Robberies and housebreaks had also come down, in comparison to 2011. There was a slight rise in the number of cheating cases during 2012 compared to the previous year, he said.

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