A workshop organised by the National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities (NMMA) here last week decided to document heritage buildings and monuments constructed in the State up to the year 1950.

State project coordinator for NMMA S. Hemachandran told The Hindu that a project of this magnitude, which would document the built heritage of the State, was being taken up for the first time. “It will cover all buildings of historical and archaeological importance. We also have plans to document the dominant features of these structures such as tiled roof or gables,” he said.

A national register

The documentation will be part of a project launched by NMMA to create a national register of monuments and antiquities. The register will be posted on a website that is being designed by the mission.

The workshop also decided to document antiquities including those in private collection.

“We plan to go well beyond cataloguing the exhibits in museums. The antiquities are to be listed with their features, history, and place of procurement. It will be a comprehensive documentation that tells the story of an antiquity,” Mr. Hemachandran said.

M.G. Sasibhushan, who inaugurated the workshop, said documentation was essential to prevent theft of antiquities from museums