The Nursing Students Organisation (NSO) State committee has opened a student's help desk to listen to the problems of the students of self-financing nursing colleges in the State and present them before authorities concerned.

According to a press release, students of self-financing nursing institutions were going through a lot of hardships, ranging from problems caused by delayed exams to torture in the name of internal evaluation and practical examinations. Students who opposed the unlawful activities in colleges were failed in the examinations by manipulating internal marks and practical tests. Many college managements also forced a one-year internship on students, though the rule said a six- month internship should be incorporated in the four-year course. Also, the stipend paid to interns in self financing colleges was much less compared to that of government college students.

They were made to work for around 15 hours a day, while government college students work for only six hours a day.

The students can contact the help line on 9746309441 (Althaf Ali) or 9744144228 (Vipin Krishnan).