Woman charged with ticketless travel; she alleges harassment by TTEs

The Kerala High Court on Friday declined to interfere with the proceedings initiated by the Special Judicial Magistrate (Railways), Kollam, against poet M.R. Jayageetha, research officer with the Kerala State Planning Board, on charge of ticketless travel. Her petition, seeking to quash the proceedings, was disposed of by Justice S.S. Satheesachandran.

According to Ms. Jayageetha, she was harassed by train ticket examiners on February 17 in a first class coach of the Thiruvananthapuram-Chennai super-fast express. They had asked her to detrain though she had a first class super-fast season ticket and had abused her.

Railways took the stand that a passenger with first class season ticket could not travel in reserved compartment. The court said that the petitioner could make her contentions before the Judicial Magistrate (Railways) while closing the petition.